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“In what innovative ways have you incorporated real-time and dynamic content into digital advertising?”

The use of data and creative is my favorite topic in our industry!  Over the years, we’ve seen more and more advertisers truly use digital OOH to its fullest capabilities by incorporating data to create more dynamic campaigns. Lamar’s partnerships on the data side include; Weather, Traffic, Live Scores, Airline Flights, Pollen, Stock Market, Breaking/Headline News and others. We partner with data companies to allow brands to associate their creative messages based on real-time data. This allows for brands and advertisers to break through the clutter and provide more relevant campaigns. Outside of third-party data, we also are able to ingest first party data as well as social media feeds (including Instagram and Twitter.)

I wrote a thought leadership piece for the OAAA that talked about this subject and questions whether we are focused on the right kind of data in OOH.  We encourage all advertisers to use the benefits of digital OOH by having dynamic creative incorporated into their advertising campaigns.

Attached are a few of my favorite campaigns using real-time data. Also, here’s a great video of some of the most dynamic campaigns of last year.

Advertiser/Campaign: Delta Sweatlag

Data Used: FlightAware


Advertiser/Campaign: Michelob Ultra Golden Hour

Data Used:


Advertiser/Campaign: Spotify Meme

Data Used: 1st Party Spotify

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