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“In what innovative ways have you incorporated real-time and dynamic content into digital advertising?”

PATTISON’s been doing real-time content since launching our first transit network in 2005.  Content for viewers (News, Weather, Traffic) brings attention to the screens in a captive space like elevators or transit platforms. Vital information about one’s environment, like when the next train is due or what floor you’re on, also provides a valuable reason to look at the screen. This brings eyes to the screen, which produces impressions. We sell this experience when selling ads, and it makes for a premium product with high conversion of those with an opportunity to view.

Taking that to the next level, our platform allows any piece of data (content or otherwise) to manipulate the ad creative on the screen. So, messaging can change depending on weather, traffic conditions, or how long it is until the train arrives (“You still have 10 minutes to buy a Snickers!”). Context provides a connection with the audience, which provides a way to connect that audience to the product. The key for us has been building a platform that can bring in any data source and make it available to our clients so they have the ability to incorporate it in their messages.

While we’ve been doing it for nearly 15 years, creative shops are still figuring out how to use it to their advantage. Unfortunately, only a small percentage of our clients actually use the powerful tool of dynamic content. There is lots of creative innovation we hope to see in the future, when brands build more campaigns around data.

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