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“What are the programs/methods used to monitor and ensure uptime of your network?”

To monitor and ensure the uptime of our various networks, we have built comprehensive monitoring and support tools for both internal and external audiences. Those tools leverage a combination of off-the-shelf and open source software, API integrations with our hardware, player and content management system partners, and, of course, proprietary software development. Our centralized Support and Systems Engineering teams, responsible for uptime, as well as our teams responsible for new hardware and software product deployments are the primary customers.

Given that many of our networks are partnerships with municipalities and transit authorities, we must monitor more than display and player health. To ensure that community members and travelers get access to important travel info, service alerts, emergency help or vital services in a timely manner, we monitor the state of each screen and computer (often more than one) in each unit, network connectivity, responsiveness of data and content feeds, health and success of 911 and 311 calls, and in some cases, even the brightness of the displays based on location and time of day. Those systems provide our support team with preemptive alerts, reporting and diagnostic applications, and tools to change settings or even execute remote system restarts.

Lastly, we believe in full transparency with our network partners and provide many of the same monitoring tools to them that not only enable them to understand network uptime, but also see what content is on any given screen and make changes to the targeting and scheduling of important service alert messages themselves, if needed.

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