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“What are the programs/methods used to monitor and ensure uptime of your network?”

If you manage a fleet of digital boards, it is important that you have exception-based incident management so that the issues stand out. Automation is key. You never want to assume all is well or wait for the phone call from somebody who just saw the board down. You also don’t want to be running dynamic content that is depending on the network or loading last-minute content only to find out the network is down. At Clear Channel Outdoor, we use a number of software packages along with our own custom development to make sure all components are reachable, and everything is running smoothly. For example, if POP counts are low for a board, an incident is automatically created for review. Should a board fail a ‘refresh,’ we use software that automatically troubleshoots and takes corrective action. Then, if it can’t be resolved with automation, an incident is created for our tech team to review. We also have diagnostics on the boards that attempt to determine if the board is healthy. Visual issues present unique challenges on LEDs. We use the board diagnostics to help us determine if the spot was actually shown on screen. Should the board report a visual error, we do not count that as a successful play. The best lesson is to assume that everything is broken and process and software in place to prove otherwise.

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