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“What are the programs/methods used to monitor and ensure uptime of your network?”

Traditional heartbeat. All of our devices in our network send the traditional heartbeat (ping) every 10 minutes back to our servers. We have monitoring services that look for missing heartbeats and escalate concerns to our network support team.

For larger networks, it is also a good idea to create some sort of device hierarchy/priority so that you don’t get overwhelmed by escalations, and the limited network support personnel can focus on the highest priority device uptimes. A slightly intelligent network would also monitor environmental factors like “network carrier outage” in the area or “multiple devices failures” to be able to troubleshoot more efficiently.

While monitoring uptime and doing network troubleshooting is a necessary reactive mechanism, we spend a lot of effort on proactive network uptime management. A key pillar in this effort is active user value definition. There are several workstations focused on creating and enhancing the value of our network to our customers. This inherently helps incentivize our customers to keep our devices online.

A 360-degree approach to maintain a healthy network is a high priority for us since this is directly related to our Enterprise Value. This realization of priority also helps get the organizational support to maximize network health.


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