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“What are the programs/methods used to monitor and ensure uptime of your network?”

Lamar considers inventory monitoring a premier priority and implements a variety of strategies to ensure inventory is performing according to industry standards at all times. Lamar has a dedicated technical support team in the field to review best practices, aid in additional training, and perform general observations to ensure that all boards are maintained and repaired properly. The local digital technicians undergo a rigorous training program before becoming qualified to service the billboards. Lamar strongly believes that handling the repairs of the digital network in-house with local technicians enables superior response and repair times for our customers. At corporate, Lamar also has a Network Operating Center (NOC), which is staffed 12 hours per day. The NOC is also equipped with 24-hour on-call support for emergencies. In addition to the technical support teams in each market and at corporate, each digital billboard is furnished with a digital webcam for individualized observation. Each webcam is monitored at least three times per day to identify and eradicate any potential issues. Lamar also takes full advantage of vendor diagnostics tools and the OAAA industry-standard API to monitor key performance indicators such as board brightness levels and player performance statistics.

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