Ask the Board – April 16, 2018 | JONATHAN BRAWN


“How do we expose or discover the great talent that can take our industry into the future?”

I think the major issue here is age-biases and workplace rigidity that will drive talent away as well as keep new talent from entering our industry. You hear the “Millennial” label thrown around, usually disparagingly. yet, the new, energetic and creative talent we need to help drive innovation lies in the younger demographic. People I’ve observed seem to denigrate hiring younger staff, viewing them as entitled or lazy, which is something I argue with since I was there myself once. Also, our rigidity in how we think an “office” needs to operate stifles a lot of creativity in these new talents we need to foster. Be open to working remotely, providing flexible hours and/or allowing unorthodox dress. Results should be what we seek, not protocol. Yes, this is a major change, but one I think we need to consider. We need fresh talent and the fresh thinking that comes with it.

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