Ask the Board – April 18, 2016 | RICK ROBINSON


What “calls to action” deliver the best results, and how are those results measured?

Simple, easy to understand and contextually relevant calls to action always perform best. It’s all about delivering immediate utility to the viewer/consumer. The public wants time, fun or money and, like a small child, they demand it right now – right this second – while from moment to moment, the question remains, “What’s in it for me?”

The good news is that there is a personal-remote-control-mobile-hyper-buying-weapon we all carry close to us and look at 150 times a day. The opportunity to instigate and track engagements is literally within reach, while the sure-fire method for doing so is often out of reach for most advertisers. Why? I think we make it too complicated. And we think the consumer spends all day thinking about us when they actually spend it thinking about themselves. Let’s not forget the public sets out each and every day with an over-stuffed and impossible to achieve to-do list that does not ever include “consume and respond to an OOH call to action” as an item. Also, we get wound up by the “what” of the method – NFC, QR, Beacon, etc. – at the expense of the “why.” It’s always all about the idea and the promise. Rarely is it about the mechanics. Regardless of our divine search for the perfect set of metrics, the public is simply uninterested until we make the story dominant over the facts.

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