Ask the Board – April 20, 2020 | JONATHAN BRAWN


“What do you see as the next innovations in display hardware?”

I think the standard flat panel will continue to dominate, but the next big thing will be the standardization of 4K resolution and an attendant increase in screen size; you can get a lot closer to a 4K screen than a 1080p one. Use of Direct-View LED (dvLED) will continue to increase taking over from projection and LCD-based video walls. This will come with a growth in areas of deployment, and the size and shape of signs will change with it. We are already clearly seeing this trend. Also, I’d wager e-ink (electrophoretic)-based displays will start appearing more often in larger sizes. They are incredibly easy to read, high-contrast with very little power consumption. They are also becoming larger, in sizes comparable to smaller flat panels.

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