Ask the Board – April 20, 2020 | RICK ROBINSON


“What do you see as the next innovations in display hardware?”

The language of proximity and movement is waiting to be exploited by digital display hardware. With more and more screens “in the world,” we are slowly teaching the public what they should expect from the hardware. To date, there have been early attempts to connect with viewers via NFC, QR, TEXT, APP, A.R. and other means.  All of these require some level of friction and have struggled to scale as a result. Their goal is to create a takeaway experience allowing the advertising message to live beyond the moment of initial impression. In the end, they are perhaps too blunt. I’m thinking of something more fluid and poetic that would be an organic reaction to the spatial relationship between the viewer and the screen. Imagine content that reacts to distance and speed of movement – slowing down when the viewer is moving by quickly and further away while speeding up and allowing more complexity when the viewer is closer and in dwell mode. Think of screens and content that adjust intensity and cadence in real time, in perfect rhythm with the viewer’s line of sight and viewing orientation.

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