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“What examples have you seen for data- driven content in video presentations?”

When discussing examples of data-driven content in a video presentation, I would be remiss if I did not give a HUGE shout-out to Refik Anadol. Refik is legit in his ability to execute amazing custom-content installations driven by data. The data-driven content that he creates is spectacular in that you can build it once, and then it is “fresh” every time it is seen because the data powering the visualization is never the same, and therefore, combines in such a way as to change the overall visual experience from one loop to the next. 

Here is his project that creates “visualization art” from data pulled off people’s brain activity when recalling a memory: 

Here is a project in which he is using AI to combine document data and visually display it on an immersive screen experience:

Here is a project that pulls in airport operations data into something that is absolutely beautiful:

Kudos to you Refik. 

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