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“What should be considered when planning advertising on exterior-facing window displays?”

From a media perspective, some of the most important things to consider for exterior-facing window displays include measurement and dwell time as well as lighting and clutter.


Traffic counts or passersby are not a measure of audience for a digital sign, thus it is imperative that the sign be measured in compliance with the Digital Place-Based Audience Metric Guidelines that recently transitioned to the DP-AA Audience Measurement Standard.  The measurement protocol, that is often commissioned to Nielsen, transitions traffic counts into impressions by taking into consideration, not only how many passersby the screen receives, but also if those that pass notice the screen and for how long they dwell within the screen’s visibility zone.  Factoring in dwell time assists in determining how many ads (if the sign rotates advertising units) are likely to be seen.  In many instances, dwell time will be short, which will impact the ability to view ads in rotation. And as such, shorter ad units like five-to-ten-seconds, may be most appropriate.


Ambient light will impact the visibility of the content and advertising on screens.  Sunlight will often result in a glare, but screen types exist that minimize the impact of such.  Screens should be vetted for their ability to combat glare and how they withstand sunlight, and even colder temperature if being placed in a window.


Storefronts and windows often become filled with too many messages, and this clutter detracts from media messages and may also drive the perception and value of the digital signage network down.  Instead of filling a window with a mix of signage, opt for one or two larger digital signs that will also enhance visibility.


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