Ask the Board – April 23, 2018 | RICK ROBINSON


“What should be considered when planning advertising on exterior-facing window displays?”

Start with the specific environment and viewer experience.  Each one is different.  While often built for visibility to the street, exterior-facing windows were most likely not installed with digital advertising purposes in mind. Their original design may have focused on other architectural needs and were likely influenced by structural limitations and aesthetic priorities. The design team should always visit the site in person. It’s critical to truly understand lines of sight, pedestrian traffic flow, obstructions, dwell-time moments, ambient lighting challenges and other unknowns you’ll never understand from a series of photos and elevation drawings. Ultimately, the hardware and content has a chance to succeed if and when it harmonizes and adds to the public space. Too much, too big and too bright is obnoxious and hard to look at while too quiet and poorly positioned gets lost. Ideally, the advertising pieces get created as part of an initial build out or renovation, giving them a proper home out of the gate.

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