Ask the Board – April 25, 2016 | GARY HALPIN


When thinking about advertising campaigns or other uses of digital signage in circulation, what is the first piece that comes to mind and why?

Tough question, as we are probably supposed to remember digital signage campaigns like Super Bowl spots since we are in the industry. But that’s difficult because most campaigns for digital signage tend to be small budgets or in too many cases, simply re-circulated TV or social media campaigns. This is unfortunate because too many in the ad world are missing the power of this medium. But not everyone is! Maybe it’s because we have an ongoing relationship with GEICO, but I’ve seen them use digital signage at the Washington Nationals baseball stadium pretty effectively, with lots of animations that furthered their brand. Recently, we were able to do a custom campaign for GE Capital that was very effective in the stores where we operate networks, which was highly targeted to their service offering. We also created a campaign for Mobil Oil that was directly attributable to a sales increase of 54 percent. Those are memorable for us and obviously had an impact at the point-of-sale, but never quite made the water-cooler discussions like Super Bowl ads do. However, the costs savings to our clients were enormous!

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