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When thinking about advertising campaigns or other uses of digital signage in circulation, what is the first piece that comes to mind and why?

There are so many great projects coming out of agencies and creative shops these days that do an amazing job of connecting with the viewer on many levels. These projects have a tendency to stand out and win awards, but the reality is that they aren’t really the most practical and scalable. For example, we’ve seen demos for years now of connected retail with products on shelves that, when touched or lifted, change the digital sign. The technology exists, and it isn’t really that expensive, so why haven’t these solutions gone wide? Maybe they solved problems that didn’t exist.
For me, it isn’t one project that comes to mind, but many. And the projects I remember are the ones that are mundane but transformable. I mean, example projects are ones that you see and wonder why it took so long to convert to digital. Real estate windows or digital chalkboards for example. These are solutions that will never go back to traditional once the switch has been made. I’m starting to see this transition everywhere as pixels become increasingly cheaper than paper.

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