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When thinking about advertising campaigns or other uses of digital signage in circulation, what is the first piece that comes to mind and why?

I think about the LinkNYC network. It’s something that I am pretty excited to see launch. My company, Screenfeed, has had experience working with Intersection (formally known as Titan 360) before it merged and is now part-owned by a Google alphabet. From my experience with them, they have the experience and ability to pull off some great things, LinkNYC being only one of them.

LinkNYC comes to mind as an example of great digital signage and the future of the industry because it represents a team of companies who are the best at what they do, coming together and reinventing our world as we know it (old telephone booths) to create massive amounts of value that did not exist before.

In summary, LinkNYC is going to start out with 7,500 double-sided vertical screen link stations placed in the locations where telephone booths were once located. These link stations provide free high speed Internet to people all over Manhattan, a quick red button to push in case of emergencies (what’s easier than 911…? one red button), an output to charge your devices etc. While they’re at it, the ads from the digital signage are projected to provide half a billion dollars in revenue for the state of New York through advertising over the next few years.

So, if your digital signage solution takes an ugly outdated and nearly invaluable technology and replaces it with a better solution and then multiplies the value for all parties 100x, you’re worth being heralded as a prime example for great execution. 

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