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“How do you think A.I. and machine learning will impact content development and management?”

AI (specifically the machine learning aspect of AI) will significantly enhance development and management capabilities. Machine Learning (ML) has proven itself to be a transformative and revolutionary technological solution. Simply – machines can process vastly greater calculations than can the human brain. Thankfully for us humans, we are the original creators and can create, react, and invent, but for rule following, calculations, and processing, machines can’t be beaten.

Fundamentally, the question here becomes data. Does data influence decisions? In content creation (editorial or advertising) and management, data is critical. As such, ML is transformational. We have all been enjoying the benefits of ML: using our smart speakers, our phone assistants, content recommendations on Netflix, etc. When considering how much data is now created daily, it is functionally impossible to process, synthesize, compare, and correlate numerous data sets – that’s why ML is transformative.

As with the other described ML benefits and applications, the same holds for the media and advertising industry. Data tells us what type of content will resonate with users/viewers or apply to them, how the audience changes throughout a day, day of week, events, etc. ML enables that information and the informing of the appropriate/relevant messaging for them. As the media and entertainment industries rely on tailored messaging, ML will similarly be transformative. Content and advertising can be developed to tailor messaging via automated ML solutions (vs. manually created). Of course, we humans need to create the concepts, strategies, and rules, but ML can automate the tasks, determine when appropriate for each screen, and distribute them as needed. ML has been increasingly utilized in advertising creative to deliver the appropriate messaging to the right user. Those concepts translate more broadly to digital screens based on index values to audiences.

The natural reaction (and especially after watching movies like Terminator and Minority Report) is to be afraid of these technologies. Instead, we should understand how they operate, where they can be utilized, and how they should be managed. ML is being utilized and will continue to be used increasingly year-after-year. It will not replace creativity, strategy, and ideation but instead improve efficiency and effectiveness. It is man and machine working hand-in-hand (or hand and semi-conductor).


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