Ask the Board – April 27, 2020 | DAVE DOLEJSI


“How do you think A.I. and machine learning will impact content development and management?”

We are at the early stages of an incredible, potentially species-altering ride. The advancement of technology over the last 10 years has already transitioned (or disrupted) us all into a world where the new expectation is for content that meets personalized needs at any time of choice. We are now a collection of content consumers whose expectation is “I Want What I Want When I Want It” (IWWIWWIWI). 

Now imagine the impending arrival of 5G, which will give life to the incredible opportunity of the Internet of Things (IoT). We already expect content on our terms. Think of the incredible, insatiable, almost impossible demands for all forms of content — content we haven’t even considered yet through ever-evolving channels. It’s easy to become overwhelmed. It is also easy to quickly realize that creating such mass volumes of personalized content, at such a scale, while meeting real-time demands, is not economically viable for any organization…even the Amazons of the world. In fact, it is not possible in the sense of real time because you can add resources, but you can’t manufacture time.

Enter AI and machine learning. These two technological evolutions are not only inevitable – they are the only feasible means with which to meet this bottomless demand for content. What’s really amazing is the degree to which they are already entwining themselves with our daily lives. It’s already here: translation apps, voice to text, voice search, predictive text, pp suggestions, email classification…these are already available to us through machine learning.

According to Deloitte, the average consumer interacts regularly with two to three pieces of technology (Smartwatch, Smartphone etc.). In a few short years, that number is going to increase to anywhere from 40 to 100 devices. Just think of what we are already seeing and imagine the implications of 5G and IoT. Smart speakers, cars, refrigerators, almost every piece of functional hardware we encounter will have these capabilities. 

The content required for these exchanges and interactions is exponential. We will need to engage AI and machine learning to develop, assist, map out, create, distribute, manage and measure content programs that can fulfill these new requirements. This isn’t going to happen…it is already happening, and our businesses will have to transition immediately to stay on top of these new expectations.


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