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“How do you think A.I. and machine learning will impact content development and management?”

Automating content to deliver the most relevant messages and advertising to the viewer is what our browsers and smartphones do every day. They’re so good at it that we wonder if our devices are spying on us without our consent.

The engines behind delivering relevant ads on our devices are based on Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML). These technologies attempt to gather massive data sets of human behavior and predict upcoming consumer choices. Artificial Intelligence can experiment with thousands of message permutations. Machine Learning can track and close the loop on the transaction to determine which permutation delivered the best results. Together, they can predict future activities based on the results of massive data sets and automated experimentation between message variations, time of day, location, and other environmental factors.  

With digital signage, we have much less direct information about the viewer than we do in a browser or smartphone. Video analytics and Wi-Fi tracking should be anonymous. As data sets of these anonymous customer journeys and behaviors grow, AI and ML are getting almost as good at determining the right messaging at the right time for digital signage as your smartphone.

For content development and management, this means moving more towards scripted advertising and messaging content where the AI and ML can generate versions of ads on the fly. It’s an overall creative workflow change that moves away from simple static images and videos and moves towards dynamic coded applications. Developing content for online ads that use these technologies is generally HTML5 with both client and server-side code to tweak image sizing, headline copy, color, and other elements of the message to automatically find what works best. This means bringing developers into the creative process to build applications that display and vary the creative based on data returned by the analytics engines. Your CMS must support the latest HTML5 rendering and playback to handle the advanced coding running within these ads.

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