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“How do you identify the right integration partner to work with?”

The right integrator will:

1) Ask the Right Questions,

2) Have proven Experience and

3) Require you to review the recommended CMS. (CMS=Content Management Software)

Are They Asking the Right Questions?

When you are meeting with a potential integrator partner to determine if they are qualified for your project, they should be asking the following:

  1. What measurable outcomes have you identified that your investment in Digital Signage System will deliver? (Metrics of ROI or ROO). 
  2. Why are you investing in DS?
  3. What do you expect your content to look like, and where will it come from?  
  4. Who will be supporting keeping content fresh and relevant?
  5. Have you established the dwell times in all your display locations?
  6. What type of connectivity will you have to your digital signage players and display surfaces?

You should expect many more questions about the digital signage ecosystem as it applies to your project, but the key point is that potential integrator partners should be asking these questions as well as demonstrating an abundance of knowledge about digital signage.

A Professional Integrator Partner Should Have Proven Experience

Regretfully, many AV integrators think that because they have experience with AV, they have experience with digital signage. When choosing a qualified integrator, you should ask specifically about their experience with digital signage and ask for references.

A professional integrator will require you to review the recommended CMS because an experienced and qualified AV integrator knows that they must make sure the CMS is a good fit for the organization and its objectives.  

It is also crucial to have a demonstration of how content is ingested into the CMS and then how dayparting and screen layouts work. Without such a demonstration, you really don’t know if the CMS is a viable choice for your organization. (More importantly, neither does the AV integrator, and that can lead to a disaster).

Choosing the right integrator is like choosing the right travel agent.  Most people think using a travel agent costs them money, but good travel agents will pay for themselves several times over by applying experience and knowledge to your purchase. The same applies for choosing a qualified AV integrator. Take your time, do your homework and choose wisely.



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