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“How do you identify the right integration partner to work with?”

Finding an integration partner to help with your project or rollout is difficult, but it can be easy if you know how to identify the right one for the job. When evaluating integration partners you must look into their experience/skillset, technology solutions portfolio, size/scale and ultimately their value.

While having the right experience is probably the most important factor when finding the right integrator, consider some of the following when looking for a successful partner:

  • Do they have experience with the solution you are looking for?
    • LED 
    • LCD Video Wall 
    • Interactive (touch/gesture)
  • Content Creation/Content Management
    • How well do they know content management systems and content creation software?
    • Have they helped developed content strategies for other clients?
    • Can they facilitate the creation of interactive and/or dynamic content?
    • Can they train your staff in the operation of the system being installed?
  • IT 
    • Does the integrator have the skills to work directly with your IT department on integration and security items?
    • The right integrator will simplify the discussions with your IT department, not complicate them.
  • GC/Architect/Owner/Developer
    • Do they have experience working directly with GC and Architects?
    • Are they aware of all local zoning regulations where the project is taking place?
  • Logistics and Project Management
    • What has their experience been in delivering projects on time and within budget?
    • You need to ask for references from the integrator for projects of your size or scope.  
  • Technology v. Product
    • Is the integrator technology agnostic or product focused?
    • Technology agnostic integrators will tailor the solution to your specific requirements.
    • Product focused will sell what they know.
  • Size and Scale
    • How large is the integration team and how well do they scale up for a project?
    • The integrator needs to be a sufficient size to handle your project.
    • Do they have the resources in-house to complete your project, or are they using subcontractors?  
  • Value over Price 
    • You need to be careful when selecting an integrator to make sure you are getting the highest value, which is often not the lowest cost.
    • You will often get what you pay for, so keep that in mind when making your final decision.

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