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What is the future of data-driven content?

Data-driven content and advertising have been making great strides in conjunction with digital signage. For example, Google Play Music’s award-winning Digital Billboard campaign leveraged various data feeds such as weather, time of day and traffic to dynamically serve contextually-relevant ads to more than 300 billboards in four major markets in the U.S.  With the proliferation of APIs connecting data feeds with content management systems, the ability to seamlessly serve data-driven content is coming to fruition and will only continue to become more efficient.  And while the technology is in place and becoming more fool proof, data-driven content and advertising require creative support to produce various creative iterations that will trigger in response to a respective data feed(s).

Mobile audience data is being tapped to inform OOH placements to optimize digital signage exposure to an intended audience.  Anonymized mobile data is being mined to understand OOH ‘behavior,’ allowing audience segments to be developed based on where devices ‘go.’ Thus, location is becoming the proxy for cookies. The mobile data shows us the most visited places and routes taken in the last 30 days, and as such, audience profiles can be created for OOH signage or place-based venues. Media that indexes against the highest “behavior” i.e., gym-goers, movie attendees, fast food customers et al., can be selected in an effort to provide greater targetability to this mass medium. This data optimizes audience, but can also drive content and advertising decisions, with content management systems ‘pulling’ the most relevant creative geared toward the audience segment when and where they are more likely to be exposed to the digital sign.

Now that the technology exists at greater scale, we can expect to see the fusion of multiple data sources being used to dynamically serve contextually-relevant or audience-based advertising messages and content and feel this will bolster digital signage’s viewership and consumption given the enhanced relevance it will provide.  

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