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What is the future of data-driven content?

The promise of data-driven content is no longer the future but, the norm. For digital signage, data-driven content has a strong place in some very key environments. However, there can be some economic demands that go with it.

Everyone has seen and is familiar with using data from RSS feeds to trigger select content based on the data that is contextually relevant and actionable in the moment. Let’s say a forecast of three days of rain triggers a wiper blade special at an automotive supply, gas station or auto repair environment. Simple and easy to produce and program.

It’s interesting to note that the more data we leverage, the more permutations and variables, the more potential content a network might require. This would be true for a retail environment. They too may have actionable and relevant content that could be triggered via data. They might even be using facial recognition or just tracking elements to give them a better idea of who is in their environment. Couple this with other forms of data, like device recognition and the data is pointing you to a very succinct and pretty clear picture of who your audience is.

As marketers, so much of the strategy we put forward is based on identifying the audience we are trying to talk to. One would be inclined to believe this is the ideal state for digital experiences in-store. It is, but we need to remember that the more data used to trigger content, the more content needs to be produced to address the variable audience and context of what the data is telling us.

On the one hand, this could be viewed as a significant cost, but it should be viewed as a significant investment. It is a rare opportunity for marketers to invest in content that will reach the right audience with context and relevant action that can and will directly impact sales, efficiencies and customer experience.

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