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What is the future of data-driven content?

Data has become more prevalent in the advertising world with the push to have ROI on every campaign. We can thank Internet advertising for that. While the Out-of-Home medium isn’t as much an intimate one-to-one experience as online advertising is, we still can use data to identify the highest indexing niche-audience. To that end, we work with several different data partners to best identify demographics beyond the typical categories. 

Data allows us to identify the behavioral traits of consumers’ journeys and specifically with which screens they come into contact. That is great and exciting for the industry, but what’s more important after using data for planning, is displaying the correct and relevant creative content.  Over the past 14-plus years of operating our digital networks, we’ve continued to grow our data partners to trigger and display relevant creative content.  A few of those partnerships include (weather), STATS (live scores) and INRIX (traffic) to name a few.  We utilize that real-time data to trigger creative messaging for brands that want more impact from their Out-of-Home creative. 

For example, when heavy traffic occurs, we are able to change that Kraft Mac & Cheese creative from the traditional to the microwaveable version implying there may not be time to wait to boil water, etc. When temperatures drop below 40 degrees, we can trigger Dunkin Donuts’ ‘Hot Coffee’ as opposed to their ‘Iced Latte’ message when temperatures go above 75 degrees.  When it begins to storm, Allstate can alert drivers to turn on windshield wipers or on a sunny day, alert drivers that accidents can occur when glare is high. 

When tailoring the message, the possibilities are endless with data and creative are used together. We highly encourage our agencies and brands to use these data opportunities for better recall and awareness when purchasing digital Out-of-Home with Lamar Advertising.


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