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What is the future of data-driven content?

I deal with data-driven riven content every day, with advanced connections to APIs and databases that populate everything from simple directories to complex employee metric screens. I’m fascinated by content strategy that we can achieve with live data, including the ability to change real-time rendered video motion graphics.

Digital signage isn’t just about slide shows and videos. Every display has a computer behind it, and most of those computers are capable of HTML5 / Javascript programming running directly on the player. With HTML5, content can change based on any data factors you desire, from location-specific data like how many visitors are in a store to API-derived data such as what products are currently most popular.

Everyone’s seen the techniques where ads might change on screen based on the weather forecast. The classic demo is the umbrella ad that shows up right before it’s going to rain. Data-driven content solutions require very special teams who understand programming, visual design and video, so not an everyday graphics person. But once a solution is up and running, advanced content rarely needs manual updates.

The “future” is already here. It’s time for agencies and content shops to embrace the capabilities that already exist and create solutions built on real-time data instead of static graphics.


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