Ask the Board – April 3, 2019 | ANGIE NALEPKA


“What role do you see VR playing in helping shape the retail experience? And can you name anyone who is doing it right?”

Using VR to simulate experiences in retail has endless possibilities for both the retailer and the shopper. Let me focus on the two biggest opportunities:

For the Retailer

Rather than replacing the brick-and-mortar retail store, VR adds to that experience. Retailers can create immersive experiences where their customers can use their smartphone to envision themselves using, wearing or experiencing products in a virtual world.

For the Shopper

Customers can browse at their own pace to learn about what they want to learn about. Interacting with the virtual object will let them experience greater detail than they could with the physical object alone.

Who’s doing it right?

For this part of the question, I have to veer a little away from VR (Virtual Reality) to AR (Augmented Reality). The AR tech behind the Pokémon craze with people seeing characters in the world around them has exciting possibilities. Right now in Toronto, the Art Gallery of Ontario “Reblink” exhibit ( gives customers a cheeky, new look into art. Customers are coming to see old art through the new AR lens.

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