Ask the Board – April 3, 2019 | JIM RILEY


“What role do you see VR playing in helping shape the retail experience? And can you name anyone who is doing it right?”

VR will continue to shape the overall retail experience by making the journey for the customer more entertaining, interactive and presenting a WOW factor.  This is especially true in the sports industry.  The bar has been raised for what virtual reality can deliver to the user, so much so that the expectation seems to be an experience that’s very close to actual reality.  Sports teams now have the option to create in-arena VR experiences for current fans, season ticket holders and assist in the recruitment of new fans.  Teams can take VR on the road to various events and high-traffic places to show people what it’s like to attend a game, stand at center ice with the players, view a luxury suite, get a tour of the arena, watch replays from any angle, etc.… The VR experience will continue to improve as the technology improves.  The NHL has implemented VR into large events such as the Winter Classic and All-Star Weekend.  Fans can get a view of what it’s like in an on-ice position at the skills competition, a seat on the glass for the game, stand beside press at media day and look into the locker room. The possible applications for VR seem endless and provide teams an opportunity to help increase the sale of tickets sponsorships, merchandise and food/beverage revenues. 

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