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“What role do you see VR playing in helping shape the retail experience? And can you name anyone who is doing it right?”

I expect to see Virtual Reality’s role in the retail experience grow dramatically in the next few years. Can you imagine grocery shopping and never having to enter a store? This is possible with a VR shopping experience. Your VR can put you in the grocery store, looking at the items on the shelf, and you will be able to select what you need.  With grocery pick up or delivery, this technology will eliminate the need to go to the store.

VR can also improve your car shopping experience. VR makes it possible to visualize the different interior and exterior options without leaving the showroom. How about redesigning spaces such as your living room or kitchen using VR?  VR makes a tedious redesign job easier with the ability to visualize the options. IKEA, Nike, and Lowe’s are just a few of the retailers using this technology to provide an exciting customer experience. VR technology is changing how we shop. 

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