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“What are some key elements of change management required to successfully implement DS?”

Change management happens at multiple levels of an entity — typically the individual, the project itself and the company. All of these are important, each in their own ways, but for a successful digital signage project to launch, I think it’s worth paying extra attention to the individuals. Often times, digital signage requires skillsets that were never previously needed, or at least involve a major change in some previously available skills. It also requires the wholehearted commitment of the key players to believe in the idea. People naturally resist change. Digital signage is often a very new and confusing concept to get people on board with. Change management, at the individual level, is a key factor in overcoming a half-hearted attempt at the project. Individuals need to believe in the idea and value of what it will do for the company.  This will help their natural resistance to change become less of an obstacle. There are certainly things that can be done at the company level to support this, but communicating with the individual about these topics may provide the best method for ensuring change management is happening where it’s needed most to produce a successful digital signage project.

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