Ask the Board – April 30, 2018 | CHRIS MACKENZIE


“What are some key elements of change management required to successfully implement DS?”

The key to change management is to actually have a plan and not assume others are managing it for you. A digital network operator should have the contact information and serial and model numbers of all their equipment at the ready. When an issue arises, you don’t want to be scrambling for this. ALL equipment should have passwords changed from their defaults and should be changed whenever there is employee turnover. In an ideal state, passwords are never shared. You should also know who has access to your equipment. Can vendors get in? If so, what is their change management plan? What is your disaster plan? Do you know how to remotely shut down your equipment in case of serious malfunction or hack. If you can’t remotely shut down your equipment, what is your SLA to get somebody onsite to do so? If you receive a call saying there is an issue, how can you confirm and take action if needed. You then need to put yourself through a mock emergency and test your plan.


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