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“What are some key elements of change management required to successfully implement DS?”

It’s important to hire and work with experts in the field of digital screens and technology.  If your company is making a major investment into Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), you have to treat the product a little differently than you typically would traditional signage. Finding the right vendors for the signage is key too; is the company going to be around in the next five to ten years? Are they the experts? … and so on. Lamar Advertising’s first digital sign was deployed more than  14 years ago, and we continue to challenge our vendors and their technology.  We decided it was important to monitor and deploy our digital network internally and work with our digital sign vendors. 

We have an entire team, a Network Operating Center that is the hub of our 2,600+ digital signage network. This team is dedicated to deployment and monitoring as well as building dynamic code for our digital campaigns that are triggered based off third-party data. We feel this is helpful as you have your hand on the pulse as opposed to hiring a third-party company to maintain your network.  Regardless, it’s important to have a team whose entire focus is the digital network. This product should be treated as a living and breathing ever-changing product because it is just that.

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