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“What are some key elements of change management required to successfully implement DS?”

Key elements of a solid change management system include:

  1. Checks and balances: Proper change management should leverage a “paper trail” that will allow for audits and corrective actions down the road. As a network operator, you want to put yourself in a situation where you are continually learning and optimizing your network. This becomes very difficult without a proper audit trail. Implement this early to save on a headache down the road.
  2. Automation: A mature DOOH operator should leverage as much “automation” as possible related to change management. The benefits of doing so will result in:  1) lower error rate vs. manual labor; 2) speed of implementing the change. Of course, proper automation requires a commitment towards development and cash outlay. However, this will result in reduced labor costs and improved efficiency over the long run.
  3. Documentation: Always properly document your processes and work flow. Share these documents with new employees, co-workers and even clients. Having a buttoned-up systematic change management process will result in an uptick in business down the road.

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