Ask the Board – April 4, 2016 | DAVID AUGUST


In what ways have you been able to exploit your existing digital signage network beyond the original business objectives to provide greater benefit than originally promised?

We originally invested in digital signage to replace our traditional stagnant rear-lit signage that we sold as advertising. Now digital signage is our first choice for so many things. We use it in our retail space to change the theme and look of the store. We use it in our restaurants to add ambiance. We have switched all of our menu boards at our concession stands to digital signage so we can easily change our menus with our events. We use digital signage for internal communications to show sales charts. We use digital signage to communicate training and coaching messages.

As you can see, our organization has adopted digital signage in all that we do. This decision has allowed us to stay nimble and change our messaging as required.Also, from a financial perspective, the more we add, the cheaper it is. We had to build out the base infrastructure and hire personnel to administer the system, so moving from 70 players (where we started) to looking after 600 players (where we are today) has not been a huge leap. The investment in a well-designed and executed system can lead to a number of successes.

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