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In what ways have you been able to exploit your existing digital signage network beyond the original business objectives to provide greater benefit than originally promised?

With our Dunkin’ Donuts digital menu boards, we have a clear primary purpose for the content on the screens. Our menu boards obviously communicate the products available for sale via words, images and videos.
We have enhanced our digital menu boards over time to improve operational processes. The first enhancement was to integrate with the point-of-sale system in order to keep the prices that are on display in sync with the price charged to the customer. This allows our franchisees to update pricing for both the POS and digital menu boards in a singular effort.
More advanced enhancements that we have implemented are for automation of content assignments. We as the corporate entity have a database storing a variety of attributes about our restaurants that affect products which can or cannot be sold. With those attributes, we qualify each element against that data whether or not each asset should show in each restaurant. We have also enabled local control functionality that grants limited control of DMB content to our franchisees. This is effective for the sell down period of limited-time product offers where each restaurant may deplete inventory on different timelines. Each restaurant is independently able to replace an LTO product with a generic or new product once they have sold out.
These enhancements have improved the quality of the menus on display at each restaurant to feature the highest priority products. The process efficiencies also help our restaurant managers and franchisees to focus their time on other operational tasks and customer service.

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