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“How many people should be “in charge” of a digital sign?”

I really like this question because I have been having this conversation with clients (and not always successfully) for years.

No matter what stage you’re at – Concept, Planning, Deployment, Operational – there will need to be someone in charge of that digital signage network and all of its stages, phases or components. Even if any of these stages require a team, committee or department to make it come to fruition, there still needs to be one visionary to continue to push the group and the network in the right direction.

I have seen too many instances in which a network has literally died of neglect. I’m not referring to screens going black due to technical issues or legacy hardware problems. I’m referring to the neglect that occurs when there isn’t that champion to continue to plan and execute on everything that made them want to deploy a network in the first place.

Someone needs to plan, coordinate and execute the creation of new content on an ongoing basis. Someone needs to push internal teams for the newest objectives they want that content to achieve, as well as the calendar of in-market dates for content distribution. Someone needs to give thought to how the content plays, review who the audience is and recommend changes to the playlist or content in order to ensure it is of relevance to the audience.

Someone needs to conduct analytics, generate tests against key KPIs, assess whether objectives are being met and plan for next steps. Someone needs to be thinking about what other ways this network or its content can be leveraged in other channels.

It’s just building the machine. All machines require maintenance and enhancement. That can only be driven if there is someone “in charge.”

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