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“What differentiates an exemplary digital signage installation from environmental noise?”

Sometimes, people walk by signs as if they weren’t even there.  Sadly, companies spend thousands of dollars building and maintaining signage systems that may not even motivate viewers to turn their head. The problem could stem from one design flaw or multiple.   

Here are some ideas to make your signage stand out:

  • Visible fonts – Are you using a large enough font size for your viewer’s distance, and does the font color have contrast with your background?
  • Fresh Content – Viewers that repeatedly see the same content will mentally filter it out.  Leverage automated schedules to mix evergreen content with seasonal and one-time content.  
  • Static images – Are you able to enhance your sign with video and text motion graphics?  Video is engaging and has a storyline that may make viewers tune in for more than a few seconds.
  • Audio – Adding audio with varying sounds and volume can grab a walker’s attention just enough to give your message an opportunity to resonate.  
  • Touchscreen – More and more, I’m seeing people stop to touch a screen. When nothing happens, they immediately walk away.  What could you do with an engaged user on a two-way communications channel?
  • Enclosure – Putting a screen in an attractive and fun pop-out enclosure or kiosk may drive more engagement than a screen that blends with the wall.

Finally, to stand out in your environment, you really need to think about each viewer, flow, and space individually.  Grabbing a shopper’s attention as they walk through a retail store aisle will utilize close range techniques, whereas an airport will utilize large flashy broadcast techniques.  Analyze the situation and then choose effective environmental communication tactics.

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