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“What differentiates an exemplary digital signage installation from environmental noise?”

Powerful digital signage is a combination of several factors. The first and foremost is the message. The sign has to deliver content that is needed and useful. Is the message about wayfinding? A menu? News for employees? Perhaps it’s an ad. The message or the content is what drives everything, and it needs to be simply and directly stated.  A bit of cleverness (but not too much) never hurts either.

The movement of the message is a powerful element contributing to effectiveness as well.  We all know that movement catches the eye, drawing the viewer to the sign. The trick is to add movement that is exciting and contributes to the message, rather than distracting and muddling what needs to be communicated.

Finally, the graphic design used in the sign content is critical. It instantly provides a nonverbal message – this is wild and fun, or conservative and serious, or playful and childlike. Secondly, it helps clarify the key thought – the headline – from the secondary messages – the subheads – and the details – the text.  When everything is all the same size, it competes for the eye and mind – and the viewer turns away in impatient or bored confusion.

Creating exemplary signage takes thought, creativity and care. But it’s certainly worth the effort.

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