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“What differentiates an exemplary digital signage installation from environmental noise?”

Effective research and planning in advance of a digital signage placement can help an installation stand out in an environment full of noise. Location selection is critical, and requires a focus beyond the demographics of the target audience. Understanding the activity level and the state of mind of those who will view the installation is important.

To develop this understanding prior to our most recent installation, we completed a “Journey Map” effort to review our customers’ time in our facility. We understood the number of distractions to a traveler in a transportation environment, and needed to know how to reach them. The Journey Map effort utilized Wi-Fi heat mapping to identify dwell zones and unrealized traffic patterns. The effort also took advantage of passenger interviews to better understand the stressors on customers and when their attention was most available. By utilizing the Journey Map as a tool, we were better able to understand where they were going, where they would pause along the way and when they were receptive to messaging. By understanding these dynamic elements, we ensure our ability to size and place signage that will stand out from other messaging.

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