Ask the Board – April 9, 2018 | JERRY HARRIS


“What differentiates an exemplary digital signage installation from environmental noise?”

When digital signage grabs your attention because it’s loud, obtrusive, or an eyesore…then that’s the pure definition of environmental noise. Digital signage should grab your attention through compelling content and imagery.

A digital signage network should blend into the environment as if it was always there or should complement like a piece of art. Digital signage “art” can be expressed in many ways through the content and via the form factor i.e. mixed use screen sizes to make a video wall, or even screens that can wrap around columns or conform to walls. Just as much attention should be paid to the installation as one would to the content. During your budget planning process, consideration should be given to finishes such as framing around the screens as well as how best to contain the wires behind the displays. 

A well-thought-out digital signage installation with the environment in mind will reduce the notion of environmental noise. Done correctly, it may very well enhance the space as well as provide useful and compelling content for your audience.

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