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“What differentiates an exemplary digital signage installation from environmental noise?”

The keys to implementing a successful installation and combating environmental noise include developing a timeline, defining a purpose for the sign(s) and determining the footprint for your rollout.  It’s important to factor in enough time for deployment of the sign(s) based on your individual needs or other parameters. 

The timeline can include items such as defining content, developing creative, pinpointing and securing the locations that work best for your sign and message. If possible during the timeline stage, leave yourself enough time to plan and a buffer to adjust for any roadblocks along the way. 

Next, define the purpose of your sign. Why do you need it? What should it accomplish? Are you using it for wayfinding, selling, branding, etc.? Does the sign present an opportunity for your company to develop new revenue streams by including partnership activation?  Perhaps most importantly, who is going to see your sign(s)?  The answers you give to these questions regarding ‘purpose’ will go a long way in determining if environmental noise will be an issue with your sign. 

Finally, determine the footprint for your sign(s). Are you set on utilizing one location, or is it a series of signs in strategic locations around the city? As the locations are confirmed, check all the details including how the signs are being installed. Are there potential obstacles surrounding the locations? Are there other competing messages in close proximity?  Determining the number of signs in your campaign will obviously affect your overall timeline and planning.     

Not all environmental noise is considered a bad thing either.  Keep in mind as you develop your purpose and footprint, if the goal is to engrain your message in an upbeat and very lively location and atmosphere, then naturally there’s going to be ‘noise.’ Great examples are Times Square and Las Vegas.

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