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“What differentiates an exemplary digital signage installation from environmental noise?”

An exemplary digital signage installation is unique and compelling. Walking around Times Square, you get a lot of environmental noise between all of the LEDs. Even in flagship stores, there is a tremendous amount of panels. The ones I always notice have something interesting about them. Instead of shouting a message, they can whisper it, but still catch your eye with something interesting. A great example of this is our LED installation in Times Square. While much older than many of the newer installations, the architecture of the display itself gets a lot of attention and allows for content to be displayed in ways no other board in Times Square can, providing depth and a canvas that isn’t just flat like many of the advertising boards. We’ve had a number of events that took advantage of that canvas and created something really unique.

I guess the best way to answer this is, the best digital signage installations have content that make use of the installation and set it apart. The installation and the content are symbiotic in nature, and a deficiency in either one will make it seem more like noise.



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