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“What differentiates an exemplary digital signage installation from environmental noise?”

I’ve always been a proponent of form following function, and I believe that should apply to digital signage placement.

There are ways to install digital signage campaigns without assaulting the environment in which they’re placed.  There are advancements in signage technology that make this endeavor possible.  Where displays were once two or three inches thick, we now see displays that are .97-millimeters thick and that can stick to a wall magnetically. This is mostly due to OLED technology, which allows for ultra-thin bendable displays. This helps in blending the display into the space without it being intrusive. Displays can be formed to existing interior spaces to become organic to the space.  Additionally, newer outdoor display enclosures are less obtrusive.  Smaller, more energy-efficient enclosures can also offer touchscreen options all while efficiently protecting the display.  Furthermore, outdoor kiosks can be customized with skins making them less about the hardware and more about the space and delivering your message. 

All of this technology makes it possible to have your digital signage campaign meld more naturally to the space it’s in. Otherwise, it’s just a television hanging on a wall or a larger format LED display dropped into a common area. 

Delivering your brand message should not only be about the content, but how the content blends with the environment.  With all the technology and customization features available, how your visual experience integrates with the surroundings is now an opportunity for distinguishing your brand among others.


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