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“What differentiates an exemplary digital signage installation from environmental noise?”

Making sure your digital signage stands out against the rest of the environment and the noise that comes with it isn’t as easy as saying, “Make it stand out.” It starts even before the brainstorming stage for your signage installation. An experienced and talented digital design team is the key to your entire success.

When choosing a design team for your project, look for someone that has experience designing for digital media and can provide expertise in branding application, design and if necessary, user experience and user interaction (UX/UI).

Will your designers research your target user base and industry findings? Staying on top of trends and issues important to your intended audience will help your message not only reach its intended target, but will also resonate with them.

Armed with industry knowledge and design research, your designer should now establish a clear intent for the message to appear on the sign. What information does your target audience want and need to receive? While determining intent, the designer must consider usability, accessibility and appeal provided in the interaction between the user and the product. Content on a digital sign without intent and/or a clear message is doomed to fade into mediocrity – or worse – to be ignored.

You now have a piece of content! That is simply not enough. A digital sign should be viewed as a channel, like a television station, not a single sign. You have a digital screen that can play something different for every minute of every day. Relegating it to rotate between the same six static images is like asking a master chef to make you a bowl of cereal. How will your message reach people in the morning? In the afternoon? During rush hour? On the weekends? Tailoring your intent and content to the time of day and that respective audience will help make your digital signage stand out. Keeping your signage fresh will also help repeat customers or pedestrians from growing bored and tuning out your channel.

During this design process, you, the paying client, should be engaged in frequent design and review sessions with the designer. Yes, the designer is an expert in their field, but not necessarily a brand expert. Providing them with your brand guidebook before the start of the project is a good first step. Status meetings are a perfect opportunity to guide them with your feedback and thoughts on not just the design and message, but also branding.

As you can see, there isn’t a shortcut to making your digital signage installation stand out from environmental noise. A clear intent, a talented design team and a strong design, all paired with your guidance, are the keys to an exemplary digital signage installation.


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