Ask the Board – April 9, 2018 | PAUL FLEURANGES


“What differentiates an exemplary digital signage installation from environmental noise?”

I think an exemplary digital signage installation is one that is designed to fit the environment in which it will function. In order to make that a priority, the business use case and location have to be aligned.  When we first started putting together the On-The-Go Travel Station kiosk project, we realized that in order for the program to be a success, we needed a ruggedized device that closely resembled the rest of the ‘furniture’ we have in the subway system. To make that a reality, we consulted with the firm that designed our fare control equipment of turnstiles, vending machines and Help Point device.  Because they know our system, and understood from a design and user interface standpoint how we wanted to display information, they were able to deliver on a design rather quickly. The result is a branded kiosk unit that seamlessly fits into our environment and displays customer information in an intuitive, easily accessible format.  While not every project can fit a customized unit into the budget, taking the time to bring use case and location into alignment will go a long way to a better adoption rate among users.

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