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“What rapid prototyping tools or methods do you use to quickly communicate design during early project phases?”

Our team has begun shifting to Adobe XD for all prototyping projects that involve user interfaces, away from tools like Illustrator or PowerPoint. That said, there are still some instances on a screen-share call that drawing quick boxes in a tool like PowerPoint helps to get a point across. Adobe XD is great for interactive projects including rapid development of user interface layouts. With XD, we can build a usable user interface that a client can click through to understand the overall experience, either with simple wireframe boxes or polished sample designs. It’s not perfect – we’re hoping for improvements to end-client commenting and sign-off.

For video projects, we’re still doing standard storyboarding either on paper or with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. There’s a great and free tool simply called Storyboarder from WonderUnit that has simple drawing tools and a timeline to do character animation and more advanced camera motions. Our team will be exploring this for future projects in place of sketching on paper.





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