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“Are there any new technical capabilities in hardware and/or software opening up new creative options for content playback, design, or interactivity? How are they being applied? How well are they being applied?”

For years, it has been very difficult to create beautiful video walls that are more than NxN screens side by side.  Even with the invention of slightly curved screens, it has been difficult or extremely expensive to create large curved digital signs.  But pixel panels are here to take signage to the next level!  These 1’x1′ display panels have a matrix of full-color pixels and can be interconnected (at angles) to form almost any non-rectangular and even enormous 3D shape.  Your signage system takes images and videos coming from your media player and uses a controller to distribute content and power to each  small pixel panel.

Here are some wonderful benefits to using pixel panels:

  • Non-rectangular shapes – you can create almost any shape by arranging these small panels
  • Curved walls – you can put these on angled walls, curved walls, cylinder columns, and more
  • No bezel lines – avoid those annoying screen tic-tac-toe borders throughout your signage   
  • Outdoors – these panels handle heat and have plastic covers to resist the elements
  • High nits – the pixels are bright and can be used indoors/outdoors during the day or at night
  • Fast updates – these screens can handle high-frames-per-second motion graphics
  • Easy repairs – if there is a problem, you replace a panel not an entire screen
  • Pixel pitch – choose pixels that are spaced apart for distant viewing or tight pixels for up close

These pixel panels and their mounts are getting more advanced and affordable.  Larger projects are in the realm of possibility with some funding and the right vendors, and are simple enough to install that medium-size projects can even be handled by in-house A/V and maintenance teams.  What next generation content project are you working on that could be more awesome without using rectangular screens?


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