Ask the Board – August 13, 2018 | JERRY HARRIS


“Are there any new technical capabilities in hardware and/or software opening up new creative options for content playback, design, or interactivity? How are they being applied? How well are they being applied?”

Digital screens, media players and software are no longer the challenge with digital signage systems. The challenge is, how do you get your message / product in front of the consumer and make them act. Early techniques, i.e., QR codes, vanity URLs, etc. were what the consumer needed. Fast forward to today…facial recognition and other biometrics interactions are vital tools for delivering dynamic content to the customer. In this fast-paced society, grabbing the attention of the customer, if only for a few seconds, is crucial. How you garner that attention and compel the consumer to act is done, in what I believe, has less to do with overt technology and more to do with appealing to the immediate wants and needs of your audience. Although this may not be new, the data collected on your target demographic group(s) must be harnessed, parsed and used effectively to deliver thecontent that consumer wants and “needs.”

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