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“Are there any new technical capabilities in hardware and/or software opening up new creative options for content playback, design, or interactivity? How are they being applied? How well are they being applied?”

Our technical capabilities with the Columbus Blue Jackets on this topic relate to using the software to improve our overall design and interactivity for in-arena digital displays.  We have designers that are utilizing Adobe After Effects on a regular basis to create dynamic motion graphics.  In addition, we are taking the presentation a step further in some instances by implementing the Cinema 4D studio version to assist with bringing logos and animations into more of a 3D look and feel. Then, these applications are displayed in-arena on the main video and on the ribbon boards during our home games. 

The technology that is available today, combined with knowledgeable designers, allows us to continue progressing with our displays and animations. As a creative department, we want to help elevate the in-arena presentation as it relates to interactive promotions, logos, theme-nights, etc. As we continue to navigate through the process, the challenges relate back to overall time commitment for certain projects.  A new animation project through Cinema 4D that requires design and rendering can take hours to complete.  We have to constantly prioritize various projects depending on what type of quality pieces we can  effectively produce internally vs. using a third party.  We monitor this type of workflow on a daily basis in order to ensure hitting necessary deadlines.     

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