Ask the Board – August 13, 2018 | JORDAN FRASER


“Are there any new technical capabilities in hardware and/or software opening up new creative options for content playback, design, or interactivity? How are they being applied? How well are they being applied?”

I am excited about the work that Coca-Cola, Albertson’s, and Google have done to bring targeted messaging to digital signage. They built a cloud-based CMS that connects Eddystone proximity technology, Google Chrome hardware, and DoubleClick ad-serving technology. The end result is a digital signage system that is able to identify the preferences of a nearby shopper and serve up relevant ad creative.

This reminds me of the movie Minority Report, where advertisements are literally calling out to Tom Cruise’s character by name. In practice, the creative very likely has no personal identifying information and is designed with the customer experience in mind, much like the targeted advertisements seen across a variety of mobile and desktop digital advertising mediums.

Much like the movie predicted, today’s marketing strategy places a priority on targeting and authentic relevance. Less seen in the movie are the important roles that attribution, return on investment, and real-time optimization play within current marketing strategy. In addition to lifting soda sales, Coca-Cola’s work appears to be a step towards bringing modern marketing capabilities to digital signage.


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