Ask the Board – August 13, 2018 | PENNY CARTER


“Are there any new technical capabilities in hardware and/or software opening up new creative options for content playback, design, or interactivity? How are they being applied? How well are they being applied?”

While the capability we have employed is not necessarily new, it is becoming more prevalent in use case scenarios. It is the means of IPTV, which utilizes multicast streaming to reach many end points from a single source. This has allowed my company to reduce its footprint of several hundred PCs, each attached to a display, down to a total of 25. While I still employ the one PC to one display scenario for welcome screens and outdoor billboards, most of my systems now employ the use of IPTV. The use of IPTV has not only reduced the hardware footprint, but it has also allowed us to deploy more displays at a reduced cost.

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